2022 Call for Applications for the IFS Scholastic Awards

IFS Scholastic Awards will also be presented to gifted, Indigenous student athletes in these fields. IFS wishes to grant exceptional Indigenous students with financial aid, as to make their educational dreams a reality.

The application process is now open. Applications will be open until Friday, August 31, 2022, at 12 midnight. IFS will announce the recipients mid-September 2022.

Criteria For the IFS Scholastic Awards Include:

  • Be a First Nation, Métis or Inuk person, proof required;
  • Be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program (university, college, vocational or skilled-trades training program;)
  • Demonstrate that they are a highly motivated student, demonstrated through grades i.e. Deans list, Honours, or any other significant achievement, as well as things like school community involvement, clubs or sports, and extracurriculars;
  • Demonstrate their willingness to contribute to their own nation, community and family, shown through experiences like summer jobs, volunteer experience, etc., as well as telling the story of your community, and of yourself;
  • Commit to pursuing a career or engaged in a course of study in the fields of business, humanities, law and social justice. e.g. Future career goals, impact of your career Indigenous peoples and future generations;
  • Student varsity athletes demonstrate excellence in their sport, a commitment to their team and their academic studies.

The IFS Scholastic Awards provides cash awards to assist the recipients in their studies for their future school year(s). The award provides a contribution that may be used for books, supplies, IT technology or cost-of-living supplement that supports their post-secondary education.

The IFS Scholastic Award is funded from the proceeds of the Edward Two-Axe Earley Fund.

About Edward Two-Axe Earley

The Late Edward Two-Axe Earley was a gifted orator, storyteller and proud Onkwehonwe. Born in Brooklyn, New York and a citizen of the Mohawks of Kahnawake, Mr. Two-Axe Earley devoted his life supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship. He held a Masters of Business Administration and was a business consultant, a historian, and a political aficionado. He was also a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Edward was the son of renowned Mohawk women’s rights-advocate the Late Mary Two-Axe Earley.

We thank the following donors to the Edward Two-Axe Earley Fund:

  • $7500 from Indigenous Financial Solutions (Candice Metallic and Scott Patles-Richardson
  • $5000 Brenda Gedeon and Ed Two-Axe Earley Family
  • $1000 Nbisiing Consulting Inc. (Bob Goulais and Deborah Richardson)
  • $500 Saga Williams and Derek Teevan

To donate to the Edward Two-Axe Earley Fund, please contact Indigenous Financial Solutions at jhayward@ifsolutions.ca.

Download the 2022 Application Form here.